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Our solid surfaces offer a flawless and elegant look for your residential or commercial property. They are durable, nonporous and stain-resistant. This seamless design offers your choice of an undermount or integrated sink. The 15 year warranty makes it an attractive and cost effective choice.

If you are unsure which surface is right for you, consult with the experts at Custom Kitchens, Inc. for help. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the pros and cons of each surface. Please take a look at our brands and see what we have to offer.

Our Brands


LG HI-MACS Acrylic Solid Surface is a solid homogeneous sheet or slab that is resistant to stains. While you enjoy a consistent color and design throughout the surface, you can also expect it to stand up to wear and tear. LG HI-Macs is environmentally friendly, durable, hygienic, and best of all renewable. Manufactured in the USA it is stain resistant, low maintenance and repairable. With its 15 years warranty, LG HI-MACS is a superior product.


Staron is a solid surfacing material created by Samsung. Staron is durable, hygienic, and has a large range of colors to choose from. Staron has a high quality control policy & 10 years warranty. It is certified eco-friendly and will provide you with a safe durable countertop for years to come.


Corian is a solid surfacing material created by DuPont. These surfaces are proven long-term solutions for countertops because of their endurance and stunning look. Corian is one of the most well-known brands in countertops on the market. Corian is easy to clean and maintain. Corian offers a 10 year warranty.